Why Resilience is an Important Leadership Trait

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The degree to which you are successful as a leader lies, partly, in your ability to overcome challenges.

In my experience, it is not unusual for leaders to struggle in a dynamic corporate environment where tough and unfamiliar challenges lurk around corners. In some way, managing our potentially instinctive response to those situations, to become optimistic rather than showing signs of strain will inspire the people we lead, through the clear demonstration of this vital leadership skill, resilience.

What is Resilience?
A resilient person can easily, quickly and convincingly handle the problems they face whilst keeping their goals in sight. For a resilient leader, no challenge, personal or professional, forces them to lose their composure to the point of bringing into question their suitability for the leadership role they hold.

Importance of Resilience in Leadership
People respond better to resilient leaders. For those following a leader, it is a positive experience to witness them consistently deal with situations that are often overwhelmingly tough and still emerge victorious, it’s a great model to learn from. Resilient leaders are less at risk of losing the respect of those around them. This is crucial in intense situations where effective collaborations are the key to success.

Resilient Leaders Achieve Their Goals
Resilience is the key to reaching stretch goals. If a leader lacks this trait they will struggle to get to where they really want to be, potentially because they have been side-tracked by an unexpected occurance. Not being able to deliver as planned, losing the ability to generate desired results may be perceived as failed leadership.

Resilience Creates Versatility
Resilient leaders adapt well to changing structures and environments. In the modern corporate arena, change is often the only constant. Leaders who struggle to adapt, an essential component of emotional intelligence, face an uncertain future as it is more important to possess this skill now than ever before.

Resilience creates purposeful leaders. Resilient leaders portray their commitment to their vision at all times. Thus, their team members remain dedicated to helping them fulfill this purpose no matter what obstacles arise. The most successful leaders gain respect and support from all those around them by inspiring people to believe in their vision and by demonstrating their engagement with it no matter how many threats to it they face.

Resilient leaders can deal with challenges and difficulties because they’ve mastered the art of forward thinking and planning. Thus, they are better equipped for harsh eventualities. They’ve also reframed their mindset to accept the fact that obstacles arise and overcoming them is a vital part of their journey to successful leadership.

The benefits for leaders of attaining resilience are far-reaching, leaders who master this skill are bigger than the problems that come their way.

Tania Watson is the founder of Creative Coaching and an executive coach, organisational consultant and leadership specialist. Creative Coaching is a successful company dedicated to the development of senior leaders in organisations through one to one coaching, intact team development and group facilitation. If you or someone from your organisation would like to have a no obligation conversation about how Creative Coaching may be able to help, please email Tania directly at tania@twcreativecoaching.com.

Executive Coach | Organisational Development Consultant | Leadership Specialist | Champion of People and Their Potential. Follow me for #leadership tips.

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