Staying Focused In The Maelstrom

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The art of self-reflection is so important that despite writing about it before we want to continue the story with more of our observations.

In today’s busy world, the working day can seem never-ending, particularly when everything is so convenient and you can get on with the job remotely through various portable devices. So it can be a rare occurrence if/when you do manage to clear some time in your diary to attend that virtual workshop you really fancied. You spend (hopefully) a productive day, immersed in, for example, how to improve yourself in your role, intelligent communication and focusing on your priorities, and then, emerging from your reflective cocoon, you return to the day job, the all-too-familiar state of frenzy ensues again and there’s just no time to remember any of that stuff, let alone put it into practice. Sound familiar?

So, how do you hold on to those learnings when the busyness takes over again? Well, it’s all about self-awareness. It’s about being disciplined in prioritising ‘me’ with the same importance that’s assigned to everyone else. Consciously block out time to think about and plan the things you need to do.

It may sound obvious, however many of us forget to prioritise time for ourselves. As individuals, we have our own expectations and the drive to meet those can make it hard to take time. Planning some “me” time is an important part of life.

It doesn’t take long — 15 minutes, half an hour, a morning. Whatever the amount of time you have planned, use it to get focused and prioritise your workload:

Recognise the habits that are wasting your time

  • Cut your ‘to do’ list in half and concentrate only on the really important things
  • Learn to say ‘no’ sometimes
  • Stop multi-tasking (because in actual fact we are not good at this)
  • Delegate effectively (i.e. the end result and not the method of achieving it)
  • ‘Switch off’ from the rest of the world (e.g. are you distracted by emails, news and calls while carrying out other tasks?)

Concentrating on our own efforts and energy can be empowering — helping to manage life’s stresses, reminding ourselves what we are doing well and recognising accomplishments.

Help yourself to stay focused and schedule some ‘me’ time this week.

Tania Watson is the founder of Creative Coaching and an executive coach, organisational consultant and leadership specialist. Creative Coaching is a successful company dedicated to the development of senior leaders in organisations through one to one coaching, intact team development and group facilitation. If you or someone from your organisation would like to have a no obligation conversation about how Creative Coaching may be able to help, please email Tania directly at

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