Five Reasons Why It’s Important For Your Organisation to Build in Resources For Coaching

Coaching doesn’t command the attention or sense of urgency that other resources do…until it’s too late, that is. Until there’s some kind of crisis, some management mishap or a sudden realisation that outside help is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

That kind of situation is best avoided at all costs.

Below are some reasons why your organisation may wish to consider coaching now:

  1. You have an inkling, a suspicion or downright confirmation that your current approaches are simply not working. Targets are not being met, there is unrest within teams or you are going through a transitional period which is resulting in strain and conflict.
  2. You are continually in fire-fighting mode.
  3. There is a general lack of confidence within the organisation. You can’t remember the last time you acknowledged your collective strengths.
  4. You have a particular goal or a project in mind and you’re not quite sure how to get it off the ground, maintain momentum and be accountable for seeing it through.
  5. You feel ‘too close’ to the situations that are occurring within your own organisation and value the objectivity and critical distance a coach can bring.

Ultimately, however, the real reason it’s important to spare valuable resources for coaching in your organisation is because you have a unique opportunity to realise the true potential of your greatest asset: the talents of your people.

Do any of the above scenarios resonate with you? If so, I encourage you to take action now as these problems won’t go away of their own accord and can lead to further challenges down the line if not tackled at an early stage.

Tania Watson is the founder of Creative Coaching and an executive coach, organisational consultant and leadership specialist. Creative Coaching is a successful company dedicated to the development of senior leaders in organisations through one to one coaching, intact team development and group facilitation. If you or someone from your organisation would like to have a no obligation conversation about how Creative Coaching may be able to help, please email Tania directly at

Executive Coach | Organisational Development Consultant | Leadership Specialist | Champion of People and Their Potential. Follow me for #leadership tips.

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